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The Blog

No, Not Much Going on Here

As you can see, I've let this blog lapse. I like the brevity of Twitter
because if I'm writing something for free, let it be brief! I also maintain a public Facebook page.

Often in my Twitter commentary I will speak to current events. I consider myself an informed observer, but one with leanings like almost anyone else, and without any particular expertise on present-day politics or economics. I distinguish between my off-the-cuff commentary and my books. If I don't change my mind in the course of writing a book, I'm doing it wrong; honesty and deep research inevitably challenge our preconceptions. I take it as a good sign that each of my books has seen about equal criticism from right and left, yet have certainly been treated well by critics overall. We start with questions that speak to who we are, as writers and scholars. But we must provide answers that speak to the primary sources, to who our subjects were.
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