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Meet the Publisher

Writers tend to complain about their presses, especially these days, when the recession is squeezing publishers hard. And, to be honest, often writers have good reason to gripe.

Well, I'm one of the lucky ones. My editor, Jonathan Segal, and publishers, Alfred A. Knopf and Vintage (the latter for paperback), are the best in the business, and I've had a really terrific experience as an author. All the people at every step, from the lowest assistant to Sonny Mehta, head of Knopf, are in it because they love books, and it shows.

Rarely, though, do the people behind a book get the proper attention, and that's too bad. There's a Japanese saying that, loosely translated, what's in front doesn't matter, it's what's out of view that's important. As an author, the one out front, I think that's often true in publishing as well.

Here's a rare tribute those somewhat hidden people behind the book, my editor and publisher, in a column on publishing at Huffington Post. Well deserved, I must say.
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